A Kitchen Dude's Digital Diary


I'd wager that if you don’t have something which is totally or even completely over your head and also obsessive about, then you’re probably not heading the sort of profoundly passionate and exciting life which one should end up being. Now, before I'm assaulted on all sides by those who believe themselves to be far too rational or logical to be obsessive about anything, I’d have you ask in this easy question. Ask yourself is your life worth living if you are just unnecessarily passing your life without any worth or meaning and have simply no reason to get out of bed in the morning or no reason to sleep late into the evening and nothing that excites you. I'm a kind of person who is often infatuated and gripped by many things and I always carry my own passions upon my sleeves. I sincerely hope that right after going through this writing piece of mine, you'll be able to discover the dark and deep passions in your life.

Not everyone will be educated to look both ways of the road before they embark on a road crossing. This sort of eye-opening experience is exactly what I learned whenever I was walking down the roads of world's most enchanting city of Paris. I saw a group of kids that simply ran across the streets without really caring a damn. Fortunately they safely crossed the road and even reached the other side without any accident. Try asking these children why they're not being careful, and you'll just obtain innocent glares, in addition to intense laughter. This is my very first experience of culture shock, one which I'd already been experiencing again and again when I found myself in numerous parts of the planet. This really is exactly the rationale why many people cannot stop themselves from traveling around the globe. You see, when you leave your own front doorstep, you have no idea what you’re going to find round the next bend. Once out on a overseas vacationing spree you need to give up your old habits as well as pattern of living and actually your language.

Several individuals consider photography as a hobby simply because it helps you to acquire pictures or even unique memories or many other things which captures your attention at a particular instant. But I take a look at photography from a distinct point of view. I look at photography as some kind of time capsule that's able to supply you with a long term experience as well as peek at the past moments that the majority of the times cannot be brought back or even experienced except in your minds or perhaps in your thoughts. What's truly fascinating about photography is its ability to trap a specific moment, including the sound, smell and emotion which goes along with it. Pictures additionally have the unique distinction of sharing these wonderful memories with others that had been involved with the minute, but additionally helps keep a number of your personal moments as a secret. This is the reason why specific pictures will show up in your life plus go passing by just like bubbles on a stream and also others, even only if seen in a glimpse, will turn out to be tattooed upon the back of your mind permanently.

Therefore, just when you're able to wake your greatest desire and lose yourself with it, which you will start out living a real life, one that is filled up with so much excitement and also endless pleasure. It is then that you can tell and claim the world that you're indeed living life to the maximum.